Item sales Is NOT A Problem Word!

What is it about sales that can take a fantastic, awesome business owner from innovative and chatty to flipped out and disgusted? It seems so odd to me that all of us buy factors on a daily basis, which we could not do if someone was not promoting it to us, but when some individuals experience like they have to offer, they get protecting and squirrely!

I was discussing to a team of fantastic business owners I trainer and was referring to with one lady promoting her product. Her response was stunning- her gestures moved to safety, she began stuttering for terms. Here is the thing- she, like most of us in company, must offer her product to help generate income and actually have a company. That is a point. However, some individuals say “I am not a salesman. I dispise sales.” Which, for me, asks the issue, why?

As I get into it, with her and with other customers, there seems to be a typical concept. The most typical response has to do with a model where they think that sales representatives are unethical, slimy and they don’t want to be like “them”. I agree- don’t be like that.

However, I think the slimy, inauthentic and tricky sales techniques and representatives are unusual nowadays. Most of us, as customers are too smart to are seduced by old techniques. Most of us want to be marketed to in a way that is genuine, linked and organic.

The fantastic concept is applicable here- target others the way in which you want to be marketed to. If you know that, and exercise that, promoting is just a discussion.

The sales discussion is an chance for someone (your prospect) to get to see marketing and choose if marketing would advantage them. Then they get to say yes to the selling or no to the selling. It is so easy and natural!

The only other concept I have seen in typical when everyone is proof to promoting, is they are scared of rejection- like saying no to the selling shows on them individually. I encourage them to get that saying no to products or services is exactly that, no to products or services and anything else they are including about themselves, individually, is something THEY are including. That reality, alone, often liberates them up to ask for the selling.

In the team, with the lady I described, I pushed her to go ask for sales 5 periods the next day. She revealed that she did, actually ask for sales and although she unsuccessful, she really saw that the failing was she was battling her own inner conversation. For me, as a trainer, that is a victory. She now has seen what prevents her and can keep exercising and with more experience, comes achievements.